Heapbase shows you the value of your meetings, while keeping them realistic and accessible. Heapbase is your shortcut to getting everyone on the same page and manage expectations in all your meetings. Also, all your thoughts, notes and ressources are collected in one place.


Heapbase increases the impact, efficiency and productivity of meetings while enabling you to be proactive in all your meetings. We help you structure your meeting agenda, which saves time for all participants.


Heapbase is smart in the sense, that it structures your meeting minutes before the meeting is over, so everyone is one the same page when they leave the room. It also tracks accountability and increases your teams dependability.

Team workspaces

You can collaborate with your teams within our workspaces. Create as many workspaces as you would like and keep your teams separated in a nice and structured manner.

Transparency around decisions

Do you want to know what decisions has been made? Heapbase gives you a complete overview of all the decisions that has been made in your team so you never fall behind and always feel up to date.

Sync with task lists

Are you also using a task list to keep track of all your tasks? Whenever you are assigned a task on Heapbase you can sync it immediately with your favourite task list.

Improve your company’s meeting culture

Make your meetings great again

Choose a plan to start using Heapbase


$9per month
  • 10 meetings a month
  • 5 team members
  • 1 workspace
  • Simple reports


$29per month
  • Unlimited meetings
  • Unlimited members
  • Unlimited workspace
  • Detailed reports
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